Our Services

Individual Therapy(Get more Information) Our approach is primarily cognitive behavioral. Through this approach we help you to understand the problems you are encountering and to find solutions to those problems.  Often what we want to accomplish is compromised by our behavior so we try to help you see the disconnect between what you want and what you are doing.  Sometimes, irrational thinking keeps us from being able to achieve our goals.  We help you to recognize and understand how your views may be keeping you from achieving your goals.  We work with you to overcome obstacles that might prevent you from having the life you want.  We tend to be very involved in the therapy process and offer an empathic reality based approach to solving your problems.

Marital Therapy: (Get more Information) Marital issues often arise because of a failure to communicate needs and wants adequately. Communication requires both speaking and listening. Through therapy, we help couples find the tools to communicate effectively, disagree constructively, and have a more meaningful relationship.

Family Therapy(Get more Information) Whether your family is a blended family, a family of divorce, or a family experiencing difficulties with relationships, we can help.  Through family sessions, we help to open the doors to communicating effectively.  We also work to helping family members understand situations from the perspective of the parent and the child.  Using a developmental approach, we help parents to understand their children better and give them the tools to parent effectively.

Child Custody Evaluations: (Get more Information) We recognize the importance of making good recommendations that are in the best interest of your children.  Our custody evaluations are thorough using all information necessary to make appropriate recommendations for your children’s well being.  Child custody evaluations generally involve several structured interviews with all parents of your children (including significant others and step parents), psychological assessment of parents and children, a thorough review of all collaborative material presented in each case, discussions with your children’s teachers, doctors, and care takers as well as home visits to each parental home.  We are aware that custody evaluations are a difficult process for all involved and work to make the process as easy as possible for the parents and the children.

Divorce Mediation: (Get more Information) As a certified divorce mediator with over 20 years of mediation experience, Dr. Thompson has a great deal of expertise in the area of mediation.  Using a non-judgmental objective approach, Dr. Thompson helps divorcing couples come to agreement regarding issues such as parenting plans and division of assets.  Once agreement is reached, Dr. Thompson writes the Agreement Plan which is then given to each person for review by their attorney.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations(Get more Information) Dr. Thompson has completed numerous Fitness for Duty evaluations for various police municipalities in the Chicago land area.  She also serves as an arbitrator for contested Fitness for Duty cases for the FOP and the City of Chicago.  She works closely with police departments to make certain that the needs of the Department are not compromised and that the welfare of the officer is considered.

Fitness for Hire Evaluations:  Dr. Thompson has conducted Fitness for Hire evaluations for various local, state and federal agencies. She is well aware of the needs of public service agencies and the requirements for psychologically fit employees.

Psychological Evaluations: Our agency has conducted psychological evaluations to rule out a mental disorder, to assess for intelligence, to assess for dementia, and to assess personality functioning.  Some Agenciesi require intellectual functioning assessments for placement into residential or day programming for developmentally challenged adults.  Sometimes medical doctors require assessments for dementia or a possible mental disorder.  Sometimes people just want to know more about themselves.  We have the expertise to perform each of these types of assessments.

Forensic assessments: Our agency has conducted evaluations in various types of court related matters including personal injury lawsuits, fitness for parenting, and workman’s comp cases.  Our evaluations are thorough and use the most current methods of evaluations depending on the case presented.. We write extensive reports that include citations that can be used in court.  We have testified in cases in civil, domestic, and criminal court.

Consultations:  We have consulted in various academic and corporate agencies for accreditation and employee related matters.  We have provided psychological expertise to various legal firms.

Team Building: (Get more Information) More companies are using the concept of teams to get their mission accomplished.  However, the team is only as good as its members.  A well functioning team not only communicates well, it also works well towards a common goal.  This may involve strong leadership on the part of the team leader or a strong sense of cohesiveness on the part of the team members.  Our agency has worked with various companies to enhance team effectiveness through training of team leaders and through team building exercises for team members.

Job Coaching: (Get more Information) Sometimes, the ability to function well at a job is hampered be factors beyond the abilities of the person to actually do the job.  Sometimes personality factors interfere with the person’s ability to function within their work environment. At other times, an inability to “see the big picture” is the cause.  Our agency has provided job coaching for many employees who have been placed on a Performance Improvement Plan.  We review the Plan carefully and assess the employee in order to help the employee meet the goals of the plan and to succeed within their job environment. If an employee is seeking new employment, either within their company or at another site, we help the employee to assess their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Through this assessment, we help the employee to focus on the type of career or job that best meets their needs and skill set.